A property management company may send you a letter letting you know that the application you sent in previously has now been digitized. You have the option of creating a Haven Connect user account so you can more easily update your information (keeping your information up to date is important to stay on the wait list).

Follow the instructions below to get set up:

• Visit the url: havenconnect.com/link-app

• Write in your first and last name the same way as it's printed on the letter or email. This is because we're matching this name with the code in the letter. If you need to edit your name you can do that after you link the account.

• Write in your email and mobile cell phone number if you have them (one is required). You will be able to log into your Haven Connect account with this email and/or mobile cell number.

• Last, write in the code that was sent to you and click on "Submit"