Filters will only be effective when all the applicants have answered the questions in the pre-application. It is suggested to send out a notification to applicants without a Haven Connect account to create one and update their preferences. Applicants without a Haven Connect account can be filtered by using the "User Account" filter. Contact for assistance.

Your waitlist filters, including unit size, minimum and maximum household income, and custom preference questions, are located on the left hand side of your dashboard when viewing your waitlist. 

Each property will have different filters based on the pre-application for that specific property

Below are some use cases of how to use filters to contact applicants about a potential vacancy,

  1. If you want to contact applicants based on bedroom sizes, then select the unit size first and contact the applicants on the top of the list
  2. If selecting applicants by preferences, simply choose the preferences and filter down your list. 
  3. If your property has weighted preferences, then the total weights for each applicant will show up in the 'Received' column
  4. Applicants can be filtered by Income by typing or selecting the minimum and maximum income limits in the income filter

Disqualifying Applicants Based on Age

If your property is exclusive to seniors or you only have vacancies for seniors then you can filter or disqualify applicants based on age by using the age filter. 

  1. If you property has opted to get the 55 years or older filter then by clicking on that filter, your list will not show applicants that are younger than 55 years
  2. If your property only has the minimum and maximum age filter then you can type the age or use the arrows in the box to set the age limits