This feature allows you to email, text, and send an optional letter all in one click. You'll save time, ensure more consistent messaging across your communication platforms, and facilitate faster applicant responses. 

1. Select the applicants you wish to send a message to, click on the actions button and choose the Send Message option

2. All three communications will automatically be selected when you open your messaging screen. You can also select your means communication by checking/unchecking the "Send an Email", "Send Text" or "Send Letter" boxes

3. To send your messages, select a template from the dropdown or type in the name of the template you've previously created. You can also type directly into the text body and hit the "Send Messages" button

You may also communicate directly with one applicant through the applicant's details page. This method allows for some additional functionality

1. After clicking on "Send Message" from the applicant page, you will be presented with the batch actions as show below

2. Besides communicating via email, text and letter, you also have the ability to 'Log a call", 'Add a note' and 'Change Status' of the applicant. Use the toggle for the required action > click on the action > record the action. In the example image below, a call was first logged to the applicant's profile

3. By toggling on the Send Message button, an email, text and letter were sent

4. By toggling on the Add a Note button, a note (not visible to applicant) was added to the application

5. By toggling on the "Change Status" button, the applicant's status was changed to "Removed"

6. After clicking Send, all these changes have simultaneously been updated on the application and can be viewed in the Notes & Activities tab