Do you have a vacancy and you can't remember who you already contacted or where an applicant is in the process? You now have the ability to track who you've contacted, who has scheduled and interview, and more.

1. The applicant's status is now listed in the main list dashboard to the right of their status. To change an applicant's status, click the pencil icon to select the current status from the dropdown menu.

2. You may also change an applicant's status from their applicant detail page. Click on the applicant's name on your list. You will see their current status on the top right. To change their status, select from the dropdown menu.

3. Update one or more of your applicant's statuses from the main dashboard by choosing the required applications, click on "Actions" > "Change Status" and then choose the required status

4. Default status during the waitlist import will be "On Waitlist" for everyone. Once you have assigned a status, filter by status on the main dashboard.


To edit your stages:

1. Click Settings

2. Select Status from the menu list on the left

3. Choose the property list name you want to configure

4. Select the text box(es) next to any status you would like to add to your property dashboard.

An error will show when trying to remove a status that is currently assigned to an applicant. To avoid this, please make sure that the status you want to remove is not assigned to anyone by using the filters