Some applicants using wider screens have reported a problem when trying to complete their application and submit their e-signature. 

Please start at the Certification step. Scroll down after checking the first box and optionally, the second. 

Click on 'Review and Sign

This takes you to a page where you can review your answers to the application. Then click "Get Started"

The following three screenshots will show step by step the buttons to click.

This is the page to "Click to sign" and select your choice of typing in your signature or drawing it.

1. Click to sign

2. Insert your signature.  

If you do not see a button that says "Insert", please make your browser screen more narrow until you see the Insert button show as seen in the lower right hand corner of the image below. Squeeze the screen a bit smaller to show the edges of the form.

3. Click Continue. 

Once inserted, the button at teh top right corsaying "Next Req" will change to "Continue". Click "Continue"

4. Click I agree.

Next you will see the application information and you will need to Agree by clicking on "I agree". 

5. To verify that the application was submitted, please look for this last screen. 

If you are still unable to complete your application and submit, please contact